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Our mission is to let you easily find the hottest deals on Amazon with our advanced search for Amazon items and to let you search the items in a certain price range so your order can qualify for free shipping.


You can search subscribe and save items, items with Amazon coupons or international shipping items only. With our website, you can filter your search results even more.


If you have any question feel free to contact us. Enjoy your shopping on Amazon with us!


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1. Brand

To search multiple brands, add '|' (pipe) between each brand name. For |, hold down the shift key and press \.
eg) BrandA|BrandB will search BrandA and BrandB.


2. Percentage Off

Please add a hyphen after the number or between the numbers.
eg) 50- will search 50% or more and 70-90 will search 70% to 90%.


3. Page

It returns a specific page from the search results.
For example, 5 is the 5th search results page.


4. Search

If you want to search a specific item without containing a certain keyword, add '-' (hyphen) after the keyword.
eg) pants -slim fit will exclude slim fit pants.
If you are searching for an Amazon cart filler item, set the "price range" and check the " Only" button and most impotantly, the item must be filtered by a category so select a "category" for the item and then click "Go" button next to the search bar. You don't have to enter a keyword in this case.


5. Error

If the search results page is not what you expected to see, the reason is mostly because of that you didn't select a category. So it is recommended to choose a specific category from a dropdown when you search.


6. Browser compatibility

Our website is not compatible with internet explorer 8 and below. So please update your Internet Explorer to the latest version or use another browser, such as Chrome and Firefox. We are sorry for the inconvenience.